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British Forces

The following general standards of authenticity and safety are applicable to all participants.

Please read and understand the guidelines before registering. Our goal is to have a fun and enjoyable event, by providing for a historically accurate and safe event.

Standards of Authenticity

The organizers wish to offer participants the opportunity to be part of a unique and enjoyable weekend. To that end we have developed the following standards of authenticity, which we hope will clearly define what is expected of all participants and explain the reasoning behind the standards.

We feel that these standards are reasonable. Some of them might seem harsh at first glance, or might be a departure from what some people are accustomed to, but we have established them in a sincere effort to raise the bar of authenticity. We are not attempting to alienate anyone, nor look down on anyone, nor make anyone feel unwelcome. In fact, all are welcome; there is a place in the living history hobby for everyone. We only ask that anyone wishing to participate in the event follow the established guidelines.

Personal Appearance and Impression: Improving the authenticity of the atmosphere and environment at events begins with the individual. With some aspects of personal impressions (particularly clothing), we have established a sliding-scale standard, which identifies the preferred garment or item, acceptable variations, and unacceptable variations. Please note that many of these guidelines address areas that are traditionally problematic.

1.All participants will portray individuals appropriate to their age and gender.

a.No individual under the age of 16 will be permitted to carry a firearm.

b.No women portraying males.

2.Facial hair of any kind beyond three days’ growth and sideburns will not be allowed.  No beards or mustaches.

3.All participants for Alexandria Surrenders must portray Royal Navy, Royal Marine,or Virginian civilians.  No United States Army or British Army impressions are appropriate; the forces occupying Alexandria were naval personnel.  All participants for Free Trade and Sailors Rights must portray Royal Navy, Royal Marine, United States Navy, United States Marines, Virginia Militia or Virginian civilians.

Specific authenticity and safety guidelines will be posted in the future.

Standards and Guidelines

American Forces